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PLR Jackpot Review – Biggest Obstacle To Making Money Online…

Biggest Obstacle To Making Money Online…

Can I ask you a very frank question about where you are right now in your online business endeavours?

I want you to truthfully answer this, (don’t worry you only need to answer the question to yourself)…

And it’s this: “Are you making as much money as you really want to with your online business?”

In fact, let me phrase it a little differently…

… Was 2011 finally the year you were able to dump the day job, pay off all your outstanding debt (including a mortgage), start taking it easy and got to take a big juicy bite out of the glorious Internet marketing lifestyle everyone talks about?

If you answered “Yes” then Congratulations you achieved something only 3-5% of people achieve!

But if it didn’t happen for you in 2011 or you’re just getting started then you mustn’t beat yourself up about it either

The truth is, the overwhelming majority of people that start up an online business FAIL and quit!

So the fact that you’re still reading, still here and still working on it is testament to your commitment and a worthy achievement in itself!

But pats on the back and a thumbs up from me isn’t going to make you any extra cash and take your business any further forward is it?

ACTION is what ultimately divides the winners from the losers and action is what you need to take to make 2012 THE YEAR.

Now something that I’ve seen time and time again in the ten years I have been marketing online is that people fail because they try to do EVERYTHING on their own…

Some because they have to (if you can’t afford to pay someone to work for you for instance) and it turns into something of a vicious circle…

(can’t get enough done, don’t make enough cash, can’t hire someone… can’t get enough done!)

Others – well they want to do everything themselves (the control freaks – I’m still a bit like this myself – but I can do the tasks of ten men anyways)

But joking aside, the simple truth is you can’t do everything yourself (and live long enough to enjoy the fruit of your toils)

You know it, I know it

Think about it… How could you create your own information product if you are too busy working on driving traffic to your website…

How could you devote time to maximising your sales conversions if you are bogged down creating graphics for your products

How could you take a step back and plan for the future when you are spending a week trying to finish up that sales letter…

The answer is you can’t – you can’t do half the things you need to because you’re too bloody busy doing all the other things you need to

Get my point?

It’s the reason Simon, Jeremy & Jp created the new PLRJackpot package.

And it’s the reason you should invest in it now before 2012 stagnates because you’re too damn busy to get things done!

For $47 you can pick up 5 complete packages with Private Label Rights…that’s less than $10 each

you get everything you need to simply FTP them up to your website, slap an order button on the page and hey presto 2 months of hard slog saved!

You don’t need to write a book
You don’t need to create graphics
You don’t need to write sales copy
You don’t need to create a website
You don’t need to create affiliate banners
etc. etc. etc.

Just click here and take a look at how much time all this will save you:

But the real ‘no brainer’ here is not only do you get 5 packages now, that you can have uploaded and ready to sell by the weekend.

You will also get 1 brand new package EVERY month throughout the rest of 2012.

At no extra cost
With no monthly fees
And with ZERO effort on your part.

No maybe you think – “But I won’t sell that many of them…”


How about this:

If you take the whole of next year and you manage to sell just 1 each of these packages…

Just one miserable sale…

And you only sell them for $9.95 (the minimum rec. sales price)

You would make around $150 after fees

that’s 3 x your investment

or your investment back +$100

But what if you could sell just one of them each month?

17 products x 1 per month x 12 months …that’s $2,000!

and all it’s going to cost you is the time it takes to click on the link below


(and $47 which also comes with a 60 day guarantee)

Maybe you need help and instruction, well we have that too (check out the second bonus because you won’t get a better education in making money with PLR that’s for sure)

If you can find a better deal online (or offline for that matter) I’d be shocked

And frankly, it’s why I’m a little puzzled you’re still reading this and haven’t already hit one of those links and secured your place?

Crazy Huh? (remember what I said about taking action )

Hope you take action on this one and look forward to hearing the stories of your renewed success in the months ahead.

P.S. Please note that within the next 24 hours the option to get FREE access to our ‘PLR Inner circle’ will likely be gone so stop reading this and go secure your spot, okay?


Hurry – get it now before the price goes up!