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A Simple Solution To Complicated Squeeze Page Problems

Building squeeze pages, videos squeeze pages, thank you pages and download pages can be a complicated, daunting, and extremely time-consuming prospect for most any online marketer.

Yet, they’re necessary.

As necessary to online marketing success as money is to put food on the table.

Quite simply, you’ll find 2 kinds of marketers online.

1) Those that are making the money REGULARLY, and…
2) Those that are struggling despite what they try online.

So what’s the difference between the two?

Quite simply the difference is, one set (the money makers) have squeeze pages and video squeeze pages all over the web and on almost every website they own… in fact, some websites are quite simply the squeeze page itself.

They’re constantly collecting the email addresses of every visitor that hits their site, and adding them to a mailing list.


So that they can market to them again and again and again.

And the larger their lists grow, the greater the number of doors that open up to them.

* More people want them as JV partners
* They win most of the JV and affiliate competitions
* They can drive traffic as they want, when they want to any website or product or service of their choosing
* They make a consistent and healthy online income
* They document their success, and create products or
services that make them even more money.

And through what? Building their list.

The other group of people (those not making money) are on all the money maker’s lists, but don’t have a list of their own to market to.

So all they can do is buy buy buy… but not sell sell sell.


Now here’s the strangest part…

People know this! People have known it for years. Yet if you were to ask anyone NOT making a healthy online income… I’d bet my bottom dollar, that they haven’t got a mailing list of any significant size to market to of their own.

It’s the saddest reality that most people not making money…


And there’s a reason for it.

Building lead capture systems is:

1) Technical
2) Time consuming
3) Costly (when you think that a premium video squeeze page
design would set you back around $100 or so from a professional

Now notice I said “Premium” Video Squeeze page. Because that’s what top marketers use… premium video squeeze pages.

But it’s not just the squeeze pages, it’s all the other pages
that you have to create too… the “thank you” and download pages.

They’re HARD WORK if you don’t have coding skills or html skills.

What Are Your Options?

So what are you options, if you want to join the ranks of
those making the money by creating your own lead capture systems?

Well, there are 3 key options:

1) You can take the DIY approach and try to do everything yourself. Even if you are an experienced coder… it will still take you a lot of time to put them together. And if you’ve ever put all the pages together manually, you’ll know what a pain in the neck it really is.

and if you’re NOT a proficient coder…
If you DON’T know how to edit images in Photoshop…
if you DON’T know a thing about design…
If you DON’T know how to integrate your opt in codes into the forms design… if you DON’T know how to add and position a video player…

Then you begin to understand why despite knowing “the money is in the list” why most marketers in this boat never get round to building their own mailing lists.

2) You can Hire someone to do all the work for you. Yes, this is an option. However, leaving the cost implications aside for a moment… what happens each time you need to make a change? You have to run back to the person who did things for you in the first place, and if they’re not available… you have to find someone else to do it.

Secondly, if you’ve ever seen the amount of going back and forth to get things right and giving instructions to the person doing the work for you, to do things as you want or need them done… well it’s a pain at best and a total nightmare at worst.

And then of course there’s the added cost. let’s not forget that.

3) You can use any of the gamut of free templates online. Yes you can… or any of the free squeeze page creators… That’s fine if you want a squeeze page that looks like it belongs in 2005 and ever noticed WHY successful marketers NEVER use them?

4) You can forget all of the above and use the world’s most powerful lead capture creation platform, and here’s why…

a) It’s newbie friendly with step by step instructional videos
b) you don’t need ANY technical skills to use it
c) It has over 50 built-in Premium squeeze page templates for you to
choose from
d) It has over 100 built-in Video Squeeze page templates accommodating
8 different video player sizes.
e) You can add normal videos or YouTube videos to any pages you create
quickly and easily
f) you can add social medial elements like Facebook “like” and Google +1
buttons or even Facebook comments to your pages quickly and easily.
g) You don’t need to know how to integrate your opt-in code… it does
it all for you
h) everything element from the headline down to the footer links can
be easily edited from a simple to use control panel.
i) You can create thank you pages in 5 seconds flat
j) you can create download pages and monetize them instantly

and that’s just touching the surface of what this powerful software called the TLC Platform can do for you (TLC stands appropriately for “Total Lead Capture”)

And here’s the best bit… it costs you less than getting one professionally designed squeeze page template would cost you, for lifetime access and usage if you purchase it right now, as it’s so new to the market and under their current special offer promotion.

The platform cost over $100,000 to develop and took over a year of programming, but the maker Tahir Shah has purposely priced this so low that anyone regardless of skill level, can now truly compete with the pros.

In fact, he’s made a full 20 minute presentation explaining all of the features in detail and the response from users has been nothing short of phenomenal. Everyone who’s used it… loves it.

And for good reason. In fact for three good reasons!

1) It saves them time.
2) it saves them money.
3) it helps them to make money.

Now there’s nothing stopping you from exploring the first 3 options, but if you’re serious about building your own mailing list this year… then you probably owe it to yourself to take out the twenty minutes to watch the presentation about the TLC Platform.

Take a look for yourself and check out the TLC PLATFORM right here:

It’s possibly the best 20 minutes you’ll spend for your online business this year, to save you hours of frustration and time in the future…

It really is that good!

Here’s that link again, and remember, right now there’s a special discount offer. Enjoy watching the video… it’s well put together and worth the watch to get a full understanding of what the TLC Platform can do for you:

And at the low price it can do it all for… it’s what’s known in the
industry as a “no brainer”!



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